Admission Standards

Why the Academy?

You will be teaching and grounding your children in biblical truth, helping them develop a biblical worldview that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Our entire program reinforces—not contradicts—the biblical values that you and your church are working so hard to instill in your children. The Academy is one part of a three-stranded cord—home, church, and school—partnering together to disciple and train the next generation.

We seek to show our students that every area of life—including the academic and intellectual—must be viewed from God’s perspective. They are taught that “all truth is God’s truth,” that He is not to be excluded from any sphere of life. This is what we mean by a “biblical worldview.”      

Students at the Academy learn what Christians believe and why. By the time they graduate they are able to articulate the Christian faith and to offer valid reasons for those beliefs when questioned about them.

You will be providing your children with a solid, comprehensive curricular and co-curricular program designed for high achievement.

Our school is the only one in Maine that is accredited by both the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International. Accreditation is a way of affirming that the school is actually meeting certain basic educational standards and that it is committed to ongoing improvement.

We provide a challenging, biblically-based academic program where instruction is targeted for high achievement and which prepares students for higher education. Over 90% of our graduates go on to college or university, while some choose to enter the military or pursue other careers directly from school. Our goal is to equip them for success in either direction.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit in their junior and senior years through the Aspirations program sponsored by Northern Maine Community College.

Our curriculum emphasizes excellence in written communication, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.

All our teachers have at least bachelor’s degrees and are certified through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). They are all committed to a program of ongoing professional development to stay on top of best practices in education so that their students have the maximum opportunity for success.

Our small classes and excellent student/teacher ratios (about 12:1) give students the kind of individual instruction they need to excel. In a small school, teachers really get to know the needs and strengths of their pupils.

The Academy offers students from fifth grade and up the opportunity to participate in a strong interscholastic athletics program. GHCA is a member of the Maine Principals Association (MPA) and plays schools throughout the County.

You will be educating your child in a morally safe and secure environment where a high standard of behavior is enforced and where students feel safe, encouraged, and supported.

In a Christian school, we all—students, parents, and staff—are expected to engage in ways that build each other up and honor God. There is no place for language, appearance, or behavior that would show anything other than respect for God, ourselves, those around us, for our facilities, and for our learning environment (Rom. 12:10,16; 13:8-10; 14:19, etc.). We expect, therefore, that all our school family will conduct themselves in a way that truly honors the Lord.

Our teachers are conscious of their responsibility to serve as Christian role models for our students. Jesus said, “…everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Lk. 6:40b). There is hardly anything more important in a student’s development than to have teachers (at home, church, and school) who are worthy of imitation.

At GHCA, your children’s peers will mostly come from families that share your biblical values. This does not eliminate your responsibility to monitor who your children befriend (“bad company corrupts good character”—I Cor. 15:33b), but it helps when parents can work together with similar goals and standards for their children.

Parents love the safe, family-oriented nature of the school where faculty and parents work together to create a special and unique environment in which to learn and grow.

Our goal is to grow a distinctly Christian culture at GHCA where Jesus Christ is exalted, the Bible is viewed as truth, and students are encouraged to come to faith in Christ and live out biblical character in their lives.

The Academy Promise

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Admission Procedure

1. Obtain an Admission Packet by either emailing, calling the Main Office, or by downloading online forms.

2. All of the following items must be returned before your admission can be finalized:

  • Student Application
  • Family Profile
  • Student Essays (Grades 7-12 only)
  • Family Agreement
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of most recent report card and prior year report card
  • Educator Confidential Reference (Grades 1-12)
  • Character Confidential Reference (Grades1-12)
  • Standardized test score (for example, MEA, Stanford, California, SSAT, SAT, ACT, etc., if available)
  • Registration Fee ($100 first student; $80 each additional student. The registration fee will be refunded only if the student is denied admission to GHCA for any reason.)

3. Please be sure to sign the waivers at the bottom of the Educator Confidential Reference and Character
Confidential Reference and mail or give the forms and their return envelopes to the appropriate individuals. These are mailed to GHCA and as confidential documents are not available to parents to review.

4. Before an interview is scheduled, we will determine on the basis of records received if there is a need for any further testing in order to determine ability level. If testing is required ($15 fee), the applicant will be scheduled for a test prior to the interview. All applicants for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are given a screening test to ensure readiness for our program.

5. Students applying from homeschool situations need to submit the following information before an interview can be scheduled: a minimum of two years of subjects completed & grades earned, textbook titles, and any standardized testing results.

6. After all application materials and test results have been received and reviewed, parents and student(s) are required to have an interview with an admissions committee (at least one administrator and a teacher). You should come prepared with any questions you may have regarding any aspects of the school's program.

7. The admissions committee will make a decision based on family and student compatibility with our mission, program, and resources. Parents will be notified by phone and in writing at the earliest possible time about the committee's decision. After enrollment, parents will be asked to complete and sign additional forms (such as health information, tuition agreement, etc.), all of which must be returned to the Main Office before
students may attend school.

8. All families sign a Tuition Agreement stating the terms of payment. Students are permitted in class once all fees and the first month's tuition are paid and all paperwork is properly completed, signed, and returned to the school office.

Admission Standards

1. Our mission as a Christian school is to work as partners with parents in the Christian training of their children in accordance with biblical principles. Therefore, parents must state in writing that they have read the Statement of Faith and the school’s Christian Philosophy of Education and must agree to have their children educated in accordance with these statements. No student will be enrolled whose parents are not strongly supportive of their children being taught from this traditional Christian perspective and/or who have serious differences with the school's Statement of Faith. Parents should understand we seek to lead every student to personal faith in Christ. GHCA students must be unmarried and living with their parent/guardian. No students who are married, single parents, pregnant or who are the cause of a pregnancy will knowingly be admitted.

2. The student must be able to demonstrate by testing and/or professional evaluation that he/she is able to profit from traditional classroom instruction. GHCA does offer a Learning Resource Center which provides limited assistance to students. However, while we strongly desire to be able to educate every child who comes to us, we do not have the resources necessary to educate children with substantial learning or behavioral problems.

3. Students must have satisfied all state immunization requirements.

4. Prospective pre-kindergarten students must be four years old by October 15 of the school year; prospective kindergarten students must be five years old by October 15 of the school year.

5. The student must have good disciplinary and attendance records and show agreement with Greater Houlton Christian Academy’s policies and standards. Students who have had a history of behavioral problems must demonstrate a commitment to a changed lifestyle in both personal testimony and character references. We do not require students to have come to faith in Christ, but they must be able to comply cheerfully with our policies and standards. Students in grades 7-12 must be able to sign their agreement to the Student Honor Code.

6. A secondary student (gr. 7-12) may be dismissed from school or asked not to return the following year if he/she is out of harmony with the Statement of Faith and Student Honor Code. This applies to the spirit of the Statement of Faith and its application to stated school policies regardless of whether or not the student is on or off school property, as determined at the sole discretion of the administration. Re-admission following dismissal or withdrawal will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

7. GHCA reserves the right to place students on academic and/or behavioral probation at the administration’s discretion. 


Nondiscriminatory Policy

Greater Houlton Christian Academy is a distinctly Christian institution dedicated to biblical principles of fairness and equality (Pro. 24:23; Acts 17:26; Gal. 3:28; etc.). Therefore, GHCA welcomes students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, providing them all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students in the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, tuition assistance programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Request Information

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